From Within - the new single

Dedicated to AMREF, From Within started as a song under a tree in Dagoretti, a Nairobi suburb, with Saba interacting with a group of street children, in between glue-sniffing and unforgettable eyes. It tells of how a country is made up of an infinity of interconnections and how a network of solidarity "from within" provides practical and emotional support to each individual. In the song's video clip everyone farmers, teachers, AMREF workers, doctors, children show the camera the photographs of dear ones which everyone carries or keeps close by, developing a showcase of affection, brotherhood and sharing, unanimously saying "here we are, we're all here, let us not forget one another".

LIFE changaniysha - The making of the Album

Saba left for Kenya for several weeks, following the route of the villages and places where AMREF helps thousands of people to cope with difficult situations and emergencies of all kinds. The artist met those characters, made them tell her their stories, penetrating and sharing their humanity, their experiences, their dreams. She then composed lyrics and songs with them, in the common ground of exchange and Creativity. The songs and the voices of the villages, mothers, children, farmers and warriors, are the soul of a people that enhances the living experience in music history of present and past. Collecting this material and making a record that tells all this experience, documenting the various stages of the process and the journey - as explained by this video images - also means throwing a bridge to the future, with the blossoms of memory that is elaboreted in the time of chronicle and encounter.

Xamar - Live in Zanzibar 

This video was shot in Zanzibar, with the Master Rajab Suleiman (qanun), Said Ali Kombo (violin) and Saba, who perform live. Saba gives her tribute to the native Mogadishu, the place where once living was peaceful and now is in the nostalgic memories of the many people of the diaspora. Stone Town, Zanzibar's capital, really looks like the old Mogadishu, a place now completelly destroyed and difficult to reach for ordinary travelers. The master qanoun Rajab Suleiman and the "glissato" technique of the violin, draw the sounds of which is influenced Kenya and, generally, the entire East Africa.


Francis Jomo

Aida Muluneh


Majoli - Sala

Panzironi & Cicconi