A new bridge with Africa

With Saba's album 'Life changanyisha' a new bridge with Africa.

Rome, March 26 (Adnkronos) - The Italo-Somali singer, for six weeks in Kenya asAMREF ambassador, will now six concerts in Italy: March 31 - Bologna, April 18 - Rome,Palazzo Santa Clara; Turin on May 3, Feltrinelli Express, May 10 - Rivoli (Turin), MaisonMusique, May 11 - Milan, Radio Popolare Auditorium, May 12 - Turin International Book Fair.

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Milan - Auditorium Radio Popolare

Concert at "Auditorium Radio Popolare" - May, 11th 2012, Milan

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Turin - Salone del Libro

Concert at "Salone del Libro" - May, 12th 2012, Turin

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Florence 21-22.10.11

The Festival "Musica dei Popoli" together with AMREF present: Afro Contest, the first contest for african musicians in Italy. Saba will present the two shows, and will offer to the public her concert with anticipations of her new work the night of 22nd.

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Asti - Diavolo Rosso

Concert at "Diavolo Rosso" - May, 13th 2012, Asti

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