Turin - Mason Musique

Concert at "Mason Musique" - May, 10th 2012, Turin

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A new bridge with Africa

With Saba's album 'Life changanyisha' a new bridge with Africa.

Rome, March 26 (Adnkronos) - The Italo-Somali singer, for six weeks in Kenya asAMREF ambassador, will now six concerts in Italy: March 31 - Bologna, April 18 - Rome,Palazzo Santa Clara; Turin on May 3, Feltrinelli Express, May 10 - Rivoli (Turin), MaisonMusique, May 11 - Milan, Radio Popolare Auditorium, May 12 - Turin International Book Fair.

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Milan - Auditorium Radio Popolare

Concert at "Auditorium Radio Popolare" - May, 11th 2012, Milan

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Turin - Salone del Libro

Concert at "Salone del Libro" - May, 12th 2012, Turin

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