Florence 21-22.10.11

The Festival "Musica dei Popoli" together with AMREF present: Afro Contest, the first contest for african musicians in Italy. Saba will present the two shows, and will offer to the public her concert with anticipations of her new work the night of 22nd.

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Asti - Diavolo Rosso

Concert at "Diavolo Rosso" - May, 13th 2012, Asti

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Cerea, Verona 14.10.11

The eighteenth-century delightful set of The Teathre of Asparetto (Cerea, Verona) will host Saba's acostic concert, with Taté Nsongan and Cheikh Fall. The show is organized by Associazione Teatro Aperto.


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Crosne, Paris 1.10.11

>"AFRICA UNITED" c'est un concert unique en son genre. Pour la première fois des artistes de TOUT le continent africain se rejoignent sur la même scène.

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