LIFE changanyisha


Life changanyishaSpecial project for AMREF, tells of the journey that the artist italoafricana conducted in Kenya following the route to the villages and remote places that the largest organization of healthcare in Africa is committed to helping thousands of people. The artist meets those protagonists, from the bush on the outskirts of Nairobi city, you tell their stories, penetrates and share their humanity, their experiences, their dreams, their food, their struggle for survival. In accordance with this stirring lyrics and songs take shape, because they abandon the trip, knowing means also happily accept the idea that, once lived in this way, "life has been brewing," Life changanyisha, precisely, hence the Title of the Album.

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BiyoProduced by Fabio Barovero, recorded between Italy and Ethiopia, with traditional and modern instruments, this Album is composed by 11 tracks and published by Egea Music. In the title track (n. 1 "Biyo") Saba tells about the liquid heart of Ethiopia, rich of water but in a constant emergency. Water is life and a symbol of love as well (track 11 "Weha"), but the Mediterranean sea often becomes a cradle of hope and death for those are knocking on the doors of Europe (track 4 "Acqua id mare"): this sea looks like a big, blue, liquid sky on the Africa's head (track 5 "Amal Fatah"). The salt water separates and meanwhile joins continents with doors like Djibouti, precious harbor for hope and development (track 8 "Djibouti Road").

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Jidka - The Line


JidkaPublished worldwide by World Music Network in 2008, Jidka is Saba 's way of telling her story. The word 'Jidka', which is the title track, means line – the line that runs on her belly and divides it into two parts – a darker side and a lighter one. This for her represents the union of diversities and the harmony that her parents found when they fell in love. Her story focuses on her identity as multilayered and with many different influences. She sings in her mother tongue – a type of Somali that is spoken in Reer Xamar, a quarter of Mogadishu, and has real expression and rhythm in itself. The result is an album which is a real mix of contemporary and traditional.

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